A number of frequently asked questions from intending residents

Question: Who owns the Village?
Answer: The village is owned by Thornbury Park Pty Ltd ACN 43 158 673 640 and managed by Australian Retirement Management Solutions Pty Ltd ACN 115 693 528, managers of quality retirement accommodation for people over the age of 55 years.

Question: How can I be sure that the standard of facilities provided will not diminish over time?
Answer: One of the benefits of a lifetime licence, as opposed to other types of security of tenure, is that Thornbury Park Pty Ltd retains ownership of the village and therefore a prime interest in ensuring that the reputation of the village’s facilities and services are always maintained at the highest possible standard.

Question: Are there any restrictions over the amount of time that residents can spend away from the village?
Answer: The only requirement is that residents advise management of the intended period of absence and any changes to that period which may occur.
One of the many advantages of living in a retirement village is that you can holiday or travel for any length of time without worrying about the maintenance and security of your home. This is taken care of, so you can enjoy your leisure time with peace of mind.
Payment of monthly contributions to outgoings must be maintained during such absences.

Question: Can I still do some gardening?
Answer: We welcome residents who wish to add their own personal ‘touch’ to the front garden of their home however we ask that it be to a standard in keeping with the rest of the village gardens. The private rear yard of your home is left up to your imagination!
Our friendly and helpful staff will maintain all common areas of the village gardens and will be available to provide assistance and advice.

Question: What ‘inclusions’ are there in the particular residence in which I am interested? Who is responsible for maintaining these items and replacing them when they wear out?
Answer: A list of inclusions is here, they will be maintained from the maintenance fee account and generally be replaced from the long term maintenance account. In cases where there is damage as a result of negligence then the cost may be passed on to the individual resident.

Question: How does one apply for residence in the village?
Answer: Initially, this simply involves filling in an “Agreement to Lease” for your selected accommodation and paying a holding deposit of $1000 to Thornbury Park Pty Ltd, which is fully refundable if you are unable to proceed.
We require that you discuss the Lease documentation with a solicitor of your choice prior to signing and exchanging agreements.
If the agreement is made subject to the sale of your existing home, any deposit paid by you is fully refundable should you be unable to sell your home in accordance with the terms of agreement.

Question: When can I take up residence?
Answer: After settlement in full unless prior special arrangements are made with the owner.

Question: Can I make improvements to the unit?
Answer: Improvements must first be approved by Village Management. These costs are mostly non-refundable. On termination of your Lease, items purchased by you such as awnings may be removed and the unit restored to its original condition.

Question: What is the position regarding pets?
Answer: Small house animals and caged birds are allowed. Permission to keep a pet may be revoked if the pet disturbs other residents or causes damage to the village.

Question: Who can stay in my unit?
Answer: Visitors or short stay guests are welcome anytime, and there is no need for you to get our consent. Extended stays are welcome but with the Manager’s knowledge and approval.

Question: Does the Village provide an emergency call system?
Answer: One of our key objectives is to ensure that wherever possible residents live in a normal, healthy independent environment. At no additional charges all dwellings are equipped with an emergency call system which is monitored 24 hours a day, so help is always close at hand.

Question: Is my long-term occupancy at Thornbury Park secure?
Answer: Yes, your long term occupancy is secure under your Residence Agreement and the Retirement Village Act.

Question: What is the in-going sum I must pay and the regular maintenance charges and any extraordinary costs which can be imposed on me?
Answer: The in-going sum is the Premium in your Residence Agreement
The regular maintenance charges:
Residents pay a monthly contribution known as the “Maintenance Fee” to cover their share of such items such as council and water rates, insurance (other than contents), electricity for the common areas and maintenance of grounds and buildings. Personal items of expenditure, including electricity, telephone and contents insurance, are not covered by contributions to outgoings and must be paid separately.

Question: Are the residents actively involved in decisions concerning the level of maintenance and services provided?
Answer: A Residents’ Committee will be established and will be encouraged to meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest and any recommendations it might wish to make are forwarded to the Management.

Question: When do I get access to my money after I leave the Village?
Answer: Refund of the Premium shall fall due upon settlement of the new lease.

Question: What system does the Village have for resolving disputes?
Answer: The village has a Disputes Resolution Policy which is disclosed in an Annexure to the Lease document.

Question: Are there any restrictions on the persons to whom I may sell my unit?
Answer: The re-sale of the lease for the unit is handled by management. We will make every effort to produce a prompt sale on your behalf.
Thornbury Park has a Re-marketing Policy which details the re-leasing procedure.
The amount refundable to an outgoing resident is determined by reference to the Residence Agreement.

Question: What is the Long Term Maintenance Fund used for?
Answer: The owner shall set aside all such amounts received for the purpose of repairing, replacing or renewing any communal improvements and structural repairs to Village Buildings. This might include refurbishment of roadways, replacing the furniture and other fittings in the Community Centre.

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